We help clients see the future.


Depending on your needs, we use traditional Strategic Planning tools & procedures, such as SWOT, VOC, and Competitive Analysis. Then we apply our own analysis for Disruptive Changes, whether they be Disruptive Technologies, Disruptive Business Models, or others such as environmental or political. Throughout the process, we are applying our own extensive C-Suite experience to evaluate the results. The result is a clearer vision of what your company will need to compete successfully in 2025.


Then, because of our experience in many industries and technologies, we can help you implement the changes with interactive learning, innovation coaching, and other approaches.


We have the track record of helping companies see the future, prepare for the future, and leverage strengths to take advantage of the future. 


Here are some of the services that we offer:

1. "Envision The Future" Workshop: This is a four-hour interactive session for C-Suite leaders to open minds to how we will be living and working ten years from now.

2. The "Build Your Strategic Plan" package encompassing a few to several weeks and tailored to your organization's needs.

3. Many engagements start with, "Help me fix my X Department", or "Sales are falling off", or other perceived need. We can start from there, do a Root Cause Analysis and discuss alternatives. 





  • 5-Year Strategic Plans for a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, a specialty film manufacturer, a specialty chemical manufacturer, and others

  • Voice Of The Customer (VOC) for a controller manufacturer, an IoT company, an advanced sensor manufacturer, and others

  • Market Channel Distribution Expansion for a specialty chemical company and for a foodservice manufacturing company


SPBA has experience in many industries:

  • Foodservice

  • Sound & Vibration

  • Specialty Chemicals

  • RF Communication

  • Publishing

  • Power Generation (mobile)

  • RF Shielded Rooms & Anechoic Chambers

  • Polyurethane Casting

  • Signal Conditioning Manufacturing

  • SaaS Scale-up Planning

  • Diversifying from Military to Industrial


Envision The Future

Which Disruptions Will My Company Experience

Vision / Purpose

4-Step Workshop

   Welcome to 2020!    Let's Envisioning Your 2030

Heading 6


How IS SPBA Different?


  • We start with a future vision of your company several years from now and then backwards plan, instead of extrapolating on past data.

  • SPBA applies over 40 years of C-Suite Strategic Planning experience in seven industries and seven technologies implementing business model changes.

  • We prefer to do Implementation, too, not just write a report. We use game-based learning techniques and learning design for change management.

  • When we need expertise in other disciplines, we have a carefully vetted network of partners to recommend.


We are your Chief Strategy Officer On Demand (CSO-OD). It's a "Fractional CSO" because you are getting all the experience of a big company CSO at a cost you can afford.


We work with you to envision the future, using tools such as SWOT, VOC, PESTEL, and market analysis. Then we help build your team and your capabilities according to this Strategic Planning process to highlight Innovation and capitalize on the arriving "Disruptive Changes" that we can leverage. We don't stop there. A Strategic Plan is not a "thing" or a report. It is an ever-green process. A culture.


SPBA is your partner in that culture upgrade.


Our experience has helped many clients become more innovative, improve their market position, grow their company, increase EBITDA, and get their team members more engaged.


Call for our free consultation to discuss your thoughts and needs to help your company reach its potential. 




As a token for your time today, feel free to download this PowerPoint presentation showing the value of using "Made In USA" in your marketing.







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